About Rose Gold

Rose gold has recently become very popular. It's pinkish tint gives it a distinctive feminine appearance. "Vermeil" refers to a plating of gold over sterling silver jewelry. It has been used for many years to give the look of gold using silver as a base.

Here are the formulas used for creating the various colors of gold jewelry:

  • Yellow Gold is an alloy of pure gold, silver, and copper or zinc. The metals are mixed in a predetermined proportion.

  • White Gold is an alloy of pure gold and white metals, such as nickel, silver, and palladium. It is grayish in color and is plated with rhodium to give it a whiter look. Today, nickel is not preferred, as many people are allergic to it.

  • Rose Gold is an alloy of pure gold and a greater proportion of copper. The reddish hue is caused by the greater proportion of copper in the alloy.

Our 'Rose Gold' jewelry items are solid sterling silver plated with 14K gold. Although the plating will wear in time, the base material is silver, and thus the item has intrinsic value as a precious metal. The better you care for your rose-tone jewelry purchased from us, the longer the plating will last. 

Rose gold jewelry can be cleaned by washing them in warm soapy water. Use lukewarm water and just a touch of mild dish soap. Use a soft toothbrush to get into tight places. Rinse and dry with a soft non-chemical polishing cloth immediately to avoid mineral residue from the water.

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